A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia

Some games have weird storylines, but A Boy and His Blob definitely makes the shortlist. It stars a boy with a backpack full of jelly beans and a blob from another planet as his buddy. The blob’s planet has been taken over by an evil emperor and you have to save it.

How? Well, good thing you asked me! The emperor is deathly allergic to vitamins, and there’s a vitamin store right down the street. But you don’t have any money. Fortunately for you, underneath your house is a subway system, and under that is a treasure-filled labyrinth, fraught with perils. Even more fortunate it that your blob has the amazing ability to turn into a variety of helpful objects to help collect the treasures, which is determined by the jelly bean you feed it. So you go to the caverns, collect the treasures, buy vitamins, and then go to Blobolonia to take care of the emperor. Could it be more straightforward?

The game is kind of interesting. It’s really fun to try and figure out what jelly beans are appropriate for each situation. But the big problem that I had was that your little human guy apparently has shoes made out of softened Crisco. Every time you let off the arrow key he slides forward a good ten feet. This is really inconvenient for dodging the weird snake-things that bounce around all over the place.

I would play this game a lot trying to figure out the giant underground maze. I never made it out of there alive, though. I’d always get a good amount of treasure and then get killed because I slid off the side of a four mile high precipice, or slid into one of those weird enemy things, or I’d fall into the water without the protection of a giant bubble of protoplasm and drown.

You can actually go to Blobolonia and try and knock off the emperor right at the very beginning, but there are all kinds of bizarro dangers there. Killer cherries, killer chocolate kisses, and killer bouncing marshmallows. And not to mention the crazy-fat blob emperor that you won’t actually be able to get to.

But, hey, get beyond all that and it’s a pretty good game.

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