Pac-Man Vs.

One day a friend of mine decided that he needed to buy Pac-Man World 2, which is itself pretty uneventful, but that game came with a bonus mini-game called Pac-Man Vs, and that is actually kind of interesting.

Pac-Man Vs is a little weird, but the gist is you take control of Pac-Man or one of three ghosts and have to try and get some points. The first one to get to the threshold wins! But here’s the thing. The guy playing as Pac-Man has to use a Game Boy connected to the Game Cube via its connector cable. The three guys controlling the ghosts use the Game Cube controllers and look at the screen which shows a blown up maze with just the immediate area around them visible. Pac-Man has to try to eat the dots, the fruits, the power pellets, and the ghosts if they’re blue. Nothing too far out of the ordinary.

Now the guys that control the ghosts can also eat the fruits, and if they do their field of vision slightly increases. And if they manage to eat the Pac himself then the person that does the deed and the guy playing Pac-Man swap controllers and the game continues.

The game is actually a whole lot of fun. If you’re playing Pac-Man you have to try and outwit your friends and get the score. If you’re the ghosts, you have to simultaneously work with them to trap Pac-Man and then backstab them all to be the one that does the yellow fool in. Then the Pac-Man player has to quickly form a shaky alliance with the other ghost players to get revenge on the fourth person.

Now, try to tell me how that’s not fun. Plus, I understand that this game came with a reasonably good adventure game for free, too.

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