Kung Fu Heroes

I sometimes miss the days when the plot of an entire game can be conveyed in one sentence. Kind of like Kung Fu Heroes:

Princess Min Min has been kidnapped by monsters and kung fu masters Jacky and Lee have to find and rescue her.

Now how do your guys rescue the princess? By navigating through lots of little rooms that are all a whole lot alike. Rooms that are filled with all kinds of highly destructible enemies, the kind that explode when they get hit with your specially-crafted punches. But to make it fair, your guys also go down with one hit from the enemies. Make enough enemies explode and the doors at the top open, and you go in, only to go to the next room and do it all over again with more enemies swarming on you.

I played this game quite a few times, but never really made much of anything that would resemble progress. There are apparently bonus items all over the place that you need to collect that are in the bricks scattered around the stages, but if you hit them too many times, then you get the anti-bonus that negates your accumulated bonuses… which didn’t actually make a lot of sense to me.

Not only that, but there were enemies that were seemingly indestructible unless you figured the precise micron you had to jump on to kill them, or the ones that were so indestructible that I couldn’t figure out how to kill them at all. And then you have some powerups that I couldn’t figure out how to utilize at all. So, even though I played this game numerous times, I never did make it much past the first dozen rooms. Then I got kind of bored with not making progress and went on to play something else.

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