WCW vs NWO World Tour

Since I do enjoy the Wrestling Arts, I give the occasional game that tries to recreate the experience a try, but they all typically have the same problem: you and someone else have to mash buttons as fast as you can, and the person that mashes them the fastest gets to do his move. Which makes marathon play sessions rather uncomfortable. But this one’s different, it features one of the most entertaining referees I’d ever seen, the late Mark Curtis.

There was an updated roster to reflect whatever flavors were popular around the time that the game came out, plus a ton of wrestlers from some overseas promotions that I’d never heard of before. Which actually leads me to believe that the whole game was originally full of non WCW wrestlers, but that the developers just kind of reworked some of them to look like the wrestlers from this side of the pond, but kind of ran out of wrestlers after a couple dozen.

I would only play this game one time, a friend had rented it and decided that I just had to play it. So we made time with two other guys and had at it for a couple of hours… with the game. And after a few hours, once our arms started to get sore, we packed it in. And I haven’t had anything to do with this game since, it was just kind of unremarkable.

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