Pinball Quest

Although they seem to have fallen out of favor in recent years, there was a time when the console game landscape was absolutely laden with video pinball games. The only possible explanation for this is because you could to things in video pinball games that you can’t really do in traditional pinball games, like putting water hazards, tiny clowns, or bowling pins on the table. Either that or include an RPG mode.

Pinball Quest has the standard tables with the aforementioned unlikely features, but the real reason to pick up this title is the RPG mode. The RPG mode lets you take on the role of a citizen of a kingdom populated by pinballs, out to save the princess from evil. This evil force is holed up at the top of the kingdom, which is conveniently composed of a series of vertical areas outfitted with bumpers and flippers. Your goal is to defeat the monsters in each area, power up yourself and your flippers, and get the princess back. This pinball game has all of the traditional features of a ‘normal’ role playing game: gold pieces, killing monsters to gain power, shops you can steal from, and an actual story (such as it is). That alone makes it worthwhile to pick up, if even to only play once.

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