City Connection

I’ve tried, and I can’t really wrap my head around the story behind City Connection, or at least what I can glean from playing the game.

Let’s assume that you have a big cylinder. On this cylinder you have a series of parallel broken lines with a solid line at the bottom, each of which is a road that is being viewed from the side. Your goal is to get into your car with the super-amazing ability to jump and paint at the same time, and paint all of the roads from one color to another. The police officers, obviously, don’t want you to do this. They chase you down to stop you from your vandalizing ways. Your only recourse, other than avoidance, is to collect cans of oil that you can throw at the police cars, spinning them out and making them temporarily vulnerable.

Inexplicable plot aside, this game is good old-fashioned fun. For a few minutes, at least. Then it devolves into good old-fashioned tedium.

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