The Dame Was Loaded

I don’t really do well at the point-and-click adventure games, but I like them a lot for some reason. I suppose it’s the inner masochist in me, or maybe it’s just that I like puzzles, even ones I can’t solve, as good brain exercise.

This particular game puts you in the shoes of Scott Anger, a detective in some kind of 1940’s-ish setting. A woman in dire straits comes in and pleads for help in finding out who killed her husband and why. So you, as Scott and late with the rent, agree to help.

One thing that is still pretty impressive to me is that this game runs in full screen with fully acted scenes, which doesn’t seem too impressive today, I’ll admit, but this was back in the DOS days, when Full Motion Video was ridiculously rare in games, and usually just in a corner of the screen. The only caveat, the game ran in 256 colors which, as you may know, is far less than the number of colors in the world. This makes the game look a little weird at first, but honestly, I didn’t really notice after a while. I was blown away by the story and trying to figure out whodunit.

The Dame Was Loaded

Regrettably, though, I just caved after a few weeks. I kept running into dead ends and overall just made a lousy detective. I tried to bribe the cop with hair from the barber shop floor, I ate the doughnut, and lost all of my money at poker. But I did find the diamond in the sink and then promptly get killed. So I hit the walkthough and tied up all my loose ends. I saw the ending and was pleased. Until I found out years later that there are multiple endings. Even that wouldn’t be too bad, except that I don’t have a computer that will run the game any more. And so it sits, waiting for me to cobble together a system capable of playing its particular brand of brain-locking puzzles.

One day soon, perhaps.

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  1. A fellow gamer says:

    Google Dosbox and use it. You’ll have to convert your CD to an ISO, but after that, it will run. Follow the FAQ of dosbox. I had it up and running in five minutes. Email me if you have questions. I was so happy to the the Dame was Loaded working again.

    - JErod

  2. basscomm says:

    That’s pretty awesome! I’ll have to check into that.


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