During the Tetris phenomenon of the late 80s. Puzzle fanatics were clamoring for the ‘next big thing’ from its creator, and he needed to come up with something to satiate their appetite. Unfortunately, over twenty years later we’re still waiting for the ‘next big thing’.

But at least we can play Hatris.

Hatris charges you, the player, with sorting the groups of hats that fall from the top of the screen in pairs. Hats of the same style stack well, while hats of differing styles do not. Stack five hats of the same style on top of each other, and they disappear (are sold) and you get points (money).

The problem? It’s just not fun. It’s difficult to plan ahead in any fashion, the gameplay is shallow, and stacking hats in video game form is every bit as exciting at stacking hats in real life

Nothing has quite matched the ubiquity of Tetris to date, and if spinoff games like Hatris are indication, nothing will.

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