Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

The first Pitfall game was a very good game for the time, so it was only natural that a follow-up game be developed. Pitfall II takes the formula of the original Pitfall! game (Pitfall Harry is running around a jungle collecting things) and expands it with several new features that make this game quite memorable:

It had a soundtrack that looped endlessly and was very catchy, resulting in it getting stuck in my head for days on end. There were still long horizontal stretches of screens, but the screens had the ability to scroll vertically, a huge accomplishment for the time. Pitfall Harry learned to swim. You had unlimited lives (although dieing cost you some points). And it had a definite ending, you won once you rescue your pet mountain lion, your niece, and a ponderously large diamond.

I, unfortunately, was never able to rescue any of those things, although I did manage to get on the same screen as the mountain lion once, that’s got to account for something, right?


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