Ren and Stimpy: Veediots

Like a lot of folks I was a bit of a fan of the Ren & Stimpy show, and during its heyday it had more merchandise than you could shake several sizable sticks at. Including the obligatory video game tie-ins.

I only played the Super Nintendo tie-in, and that I could only stomach to play once. I don’t even really remember the premise of the game other than you have to take either Ren or Stimpy through stages that are extremely loose interpretations of episodes of the show. But, since there aren’t very many levels, the levels that are there are extremely long and fairly hard. Kind of a cheap ploy to make the game seem longer than it actually is.

The developers were kind enough to include some voice samples from the show to make it seem more like you were actually playing the episodes in question, but they’re so compressed that it sounds like you have Billy West calling you with a broken telephone from his summer palace in Australia, but he has a cold and is doing the voices through a pillow that’s over the mouthpiece of the phone.

During the short (but not short enough) time that I rented this game, I don’t actually remember finishing any of the levels. I just kind of petered out before I made it to the end of any of them. Not to mention that they were too hard for me to finish. They’re really not that hard in the traditional sense. If you memorize the entire level, they’re actually not too bad, but there’s stuff just off screen that kills you, and you don’t know it’s there until you jump right into it, lose your last life, start the stage over, get to the same point again, jump into the same enemy again because you forgot it was there, and then break your controller with a nine-pound sledge.

And then you take it back to the rental store.

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