Puzznic is, as could be inferred, a puzzle game. You are presented with a stack of blocks in an enclosed space, and have the ability to move a single block either left or right. Move it off the top of a stack and gravity will pull it down. If two or more blocks of the same color touch, then they disappear. The goal is to skillfully manipulate the blocks so that you eliminate them all.

This gets tougher as you progress, there will be moving platforms, odd numbers of blocks and chain reactions to complete to clear the rooms effectively. Though the game fits my criteria for a good puzzle game, it’s got a simple concept, I just couldn’t get into it. I was only able to play this game for about 15 minutes before I got so bored that I decided that I didn’t need to play it anymore. If you have an itch to play it, there are dozens of bad clones of it on the Internet for you to waste a few seconds on.

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