I don’t really know why, but I like games that make you navigate a marble through a maze. Cameltry is a little different from those other games, though.

Trying to explain Cameltry is a little tough, but the gist is that you have a marble in a maze and you have to guide the marble to the end. But you don’t control the marble directly, you control the maze. In fact, the only control you have is to rotate the maze clockwise and counterclockwise. Gravity always pulls the marble toward the bottom of the screen, but is a little more lethargic than the gravity that I’m used to. At any rate, it’s easier to show how this game is played rather than tell.

I only played this game one time, on a rental, and never could find it again afterward. The video rental store I got it from went out of business and the game went out of print right about the same time. I don’t know what any of that means, except that I’ve not played this game in several years, and that gives me a sad face.

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