Feel the Magic XY/XX

If you’re a guy walking down the street and you see the woman of your dreams, what do you do? Try to woo her of course! But you can’t do it on your own, apparently, so you’re assisted by (what appears to be) a performance group called the Rub Rabbits. You then go through a series of exercises all designed to get you and your woman to be friends… or more than friends. I couldn’t really tell.

The game is kind of all over the place, and really random. Making a guy barf up goldfish? Saving your lady friend from a rampaging herd of cattle? Blowing out candles? Building fires on a desert island? Launching people from giant slingshot mounted to your car to hit and slow down another car? Yeah, all of those things are in there, plus more. Much more.

I have to admit, this game is oddly compelling. Its randomness just kind of works if you suspend enough disbelief, and it’s almost not creepy when you gently wash the dirt off your friend after a tumble.

And the music. Well, the music is ridiculously upbeat and catchy. It stayed in my head for a good day or so after I played this game. But it works in the game really well.

This was definitely one of the better deals I pulled out of the clearance bin.

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