Fighters Destiny

As a rule I don’t really care much for 3D fighting games. I’m more of an old-school 2D fighting game fan. But I was somehow mysteriously drawn to Fighters Destiny anyway.

Probably most of the reason for that is that the game is a little different than most fighting games I’ve played. In those games you and your opponent beat on each other until one of your life bars is gone. You then do this in a best 2 out of 3 contest to determine a winner. This one, though, has you scoring points to win. Each time you incapacitate your opponent you get a certain amount of points which depends on how you finished them off. You get more points for more difficult KOs, of course. Get enough points and you win!

One of the things I didn’t like about this game was that you had to actually earn the better special moves for your guys by finishing the game with them. What that means is that if I go to someone’s house who has the game, but hasn’t finished it with the same characters that I have, then I might have my strategy compromised. Kinda lame.

The other thing is that you really need another person to play this game against. The computer is just a little too good, so training against it was just an exercise in frustration. I didn’t have a regular opponent who was willing to play this game, so I did do a lot of losing to the computer, and that gets kind of old after a while.

But I did have fun in the mode where I got to fight against a bipedal cow. And though the challenges to unlock most of the hidden characters were well out of my skill range to do, I still got a good couple of weeks out of this game, which is more than I can say for some of my more unfortunate decisions.

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