Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project

The third game in the Turtles game series is a whole lot like the second one. You take the turtle of your choice up against the seemingly endless waves of enemy soldiers. Why? Because, they’ve stolen Manhattan island… and kidnapped April for good measure. All of this is conveniently relayed to the turtles, who happen to be on vacation, via a television mysteriously placed on Florida’s beach. Why April was reporting something in New York that was being shown on television in Florida, I can’t say. But it was, they see it, and immediately head back to New York… on foot.

I don’t usually bother trying to make sense of events that happen in the Turtles universe. It’s kind of like professional wrestling, if you think about it too much, it becomes less fun to watch.

I never did get real far in this game, though I did make some semblance of progress. I only had it for a rental, so I only had one evening to master the thing, which wasn’t quite enough time for this one. It was a whole lot similar to the previous game in the series, so I didn’t try real hard to get it again, which might have been a mistake, in hindsight.


This was one of the few games where I actually discovered a bona fide code for. In goofing around with it, I managed to figure out how to enable ‘random select’, so that when you lost a life the next turtle out would be chosen at random. I thought that was kind of neat, so I sent it in to Nintendo Power… who did nothing with it. I wasn’t too surprised, though. They only had a limited amount of space for that kind of stuff, and it was filled with tips on how to rig the ‘Money Making Game’ in The Legend of Zelda, which I guess took precedence.

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