Pac Mania

For a long time you could hardly walk down the street without tripping over Pac-Man games, sequels, remakes, clones, and spin-offs. They were all pretty much the same: guide your pac-person around a maze, eat all the dots, avoid the monsters (unless they’re blue, then you eat them too), and generally try to keep doing this until you get tired, run out of lives, or crash the game.

The main difference here is that the maze is kind of tilted down so it looks more 3-D, and your Pac can jump (but the monsters can, too, don’t worry). Other than that, it’s the same as the old standby.

I’ll be honest, I saw this game at a local grocery store and was completely enthralled by the demo. I mean, Pac-Man, in pseudo 3D, jumping around! Yes! Double yes! Unfortunately, I was unable to weasel any quarters out of my mom that day, so I didn’t get a chance to play it. Then the store closed and I wouldn’t get a chance to play the game again until several years later. Once I finally did, the game was only just kind of ‘Meh.’ But Pac-Man can jump, which is nothing short of amazing since he doesn’t even have a neck, much less anything to actually ‘jump’ with.

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