Two Sentences or Less: Vol 1.

I’ve played a fair amount of games, some of which I really wish I hadn’t. Here are a few that don’t deserve more than a quick glance before chucking them back into the closet.

Cameltry On the Ball (Super NES)- Guide your ball through the maze by rotating the maze. Interesting concept, but got old fast.

Plok (Super NES) – I don’t remember what the story of the game was, but you were this weird red and yellow thing that shot its arms and legs at enemies. Not as fun as it sounds.

Blowout (GameCube) – You’re a space… guy that has to clear out space stations that are filled with space aliens… in space. Manages to take that completely awesome premise, and fail miserably as anything fun.

King James Bible (Game Boy) – Just what the title says, it’s the King James Bible in electronic format on your Game Boy. Extra bonus, you can play games to test your knowledge of the books!

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World (NES) – The only Simpsons-licensed game that I’ve managed to complete. The effort involved doesn’t really make it worthwhile, though.

Wordtris (Game Boy) – This is by far the worst Tetris spinoff. It’s somehow less entertaining then playing Scrabble by yourself.

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