I do not like Bejeweled in the slightest, and I can’t really fathom why some people do. Bejeweled is purportedly a puzzle game, but it’s a very basic one. You have a grid, and this grid is full of jewels of various colors. You can swap two jewels either horizontally or vertically, if and only if (and this key) they complete a grouping of at least three like-colored jewels in a row. If it doesn’t make a match, too bad! You don’t get to make that move. If it does, then great! They disappear and new jewels fall from the sky to take their place.

My biggest beef with the game is that it’s nigh-impossible to plan for anything. Since semi-random pieces fall from the sky, two things tend to happen when I play: 1. in the first couple of levels I clear the whole stage from making one or two clears, the pieces that drop in create an accidental Super Combo. 2. The later levels get next to impossible, mostly due to the fact that all of the clears are gone and the pieces that drop from the sky are no longer able to be cleared easily without a ludicrous amount of forethought. Exacerbating the problem is that if you are idle for more than about 20 seconds, pondering your next move, is that the game will show you a legal move, presumably to kickstart your brain if you can’t find the next match. The only problem that I found is that it’s usually the wrong move to make, ensuring that my game will be thankfully short.

All of that’s a shame, because I do enjoy a good puzzle game, and the popularity of Bejeweled made me think that it might be a good game. Unfortunately this is not the case.

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