Wetrix might be one of the more… interesting puzzle games to come down the pike. It’s tough to explain what it’s all about without seeing it in action, and even if you do see it in action, you’re probably not going to know what you’re looking at. I’ll do the best I can to describe it:

You have a flat piece of dirt. Various pieces fall from the sky in differing configurations, called ‘uppers’ and ‘downers’ that will raise or lower the ground respectively. You use these pieces to construct lakes to hold the water that will also fall from the sky. Your immediate goal is to contain the water, if it drains away your drain meter will fill and you’ll lose. You can empty some of the water in the drain meter by dunking a fireball into one of your lakes, evaporating the water within and scoring points.

Here’s a video of the tutorial mode.

The learning curve for this game is quite steep. I never made it past being acceptably mediocre at this game. One thing about it I really liked, though, was that at the end of your game you’d get presented with a code that you could enter in the developer’s site and verify your score. Pretty handy for verifying scores if you ask me. But, since the developer, Zed Two, is no longer in business, this feature is significantly less useful.

I enjoyed this game for a bit, it certainly has a bit of that novelty factor that I like so much, but other games quickly came along that wrested my interest away.

For an added bonus today, I’m offering up some of the music in this game in handy MP3 form.

Wetrix Classic Music
Wetrix Pro Music

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