Vegas Stakes

Vegas Stakes is merely one in a previously inexplicably large genre of Las Vegas Casino games. The draw of which is that you get to experience all the fun of Casino games without actually spending any of your dollars. Except the dollars you spent on the purchase price, of course.

Vegas Stakes has a story, but it’s pretty vacuous. You and your friends are driving to Las Vegas to ’strike it rich’ by playing the casinos. By making smart bets, and playing the games well, you will add to your bankroll and eventually become a ‘high-roller’. Play the games poorly, and you’ll be playing in the dives for $2.00 minimums right before you’re sent home with empty pockets and unfulfilled dreams.

Maybe it’s not that dramatic.

You will, however, get to play some of the classic casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and 5 Card Stud Poker. You also get the chance to play Craps, which I never could figure out. The game had a help system that can only be described as ‘existent’.

Craps aside, this game was pretty nice in that it supported the Super NES mouse, you know, the one that came with Mario Paint. In fact, I understand that if you had four mice and a multi-tap you could all four use mice at the same time, with different pointers. This was quite a feat for the Super NES, today’s computers can’t even do that, well, not easily.

If you like pretending that you’re playing these casino games, then this might be for you. You get to bet your fake money and hopefully get great piles of fake money in return. There are certainly worse video casino games out there, and it’s almost certainly less expensive than going to a real casino. I hear those things are difficult to take money from.

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