Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers

For a time, every Disney show on in the afternoons after school had a game based on it and published by Capcom. This is not in itself particularly unusual, what was unusual was that these games were pretty good, though slightly on the easy side.

Chip ‘n’ Dale has you taking the titular heroes on a romp through some varied stages. Sometimes running to the right, sometimes climbing up, but always inexorably toward the boss character at the end. The story? What story? You had to go through various locations that would be easily recognizable to all but the most casual viewer of the show, fighting stage bosses that were lifted directly from the series, and culminating with the criminal fat cat himself… erm, Fat Cat.

You picked your favorite chipmunk and ran through the stages, generally avoiding baddies and/or throwing things at them. The rest of the characters make small cameos, and all come together at the end for one of those ‘everyone look into the camera and chuckle knowingly’ moments. Because, though you smacked Fat Cat around with a super ball a few times, he’s probably not giving up his evil ways.

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