Cool Spot

The Cool Spot was the crazy-cool animated mascot character of 7-Up in the 90’s. It was the little red dot on the 7-Up logo, but with arms, legs, sunglasses, and attitude! It was inevitable, then, that the Cool Spot would wind up following in the footsteps of other odd mascot characters like the Noid and star in his very own video game.

I only played Cool Spot once and even though I’ve managed to block most of the game from my mind, I do remember a thing or two about it.

Thing 1: The game looked good. For a Super NES game, the game looked pretty good. Giant soda bottles looked like giant soda bottles, sand looked like sand, and the two-dimensional animated disc looked like a two-dimensional animated disc.

Thing 2: The game sounded good. Apparently scored in part by one of the least entertaining folks I’ve seen on television, Tommy Tallarico. I don’t find the guy particularly entertaining or insightful, but he’s fairly talented, so there is that.

Other than those two things, I just remember running around and killing things by shooting soda bubbles at them on my quest to rescue other two-dimensional discs from cages. Why couldn’t they just slip through the bars? Then we wouldn’t have much of a game, duh.

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