Mr. Do’s Castle

Mr. Do, after dispensing with his lucrative underground cherry-picking career, apparently decided to retire to his luxurious castle. A luxurious castle that is inexplicably filled with the same Mini-Dinos as his underground adventure. Mini-Dinos that have managed to grow horns and are now called ‘unicorns’. But, I’ve gone off on a secant. Mr. Do’s goal is to apparently rid his castle of these unicorns.

How? Excellent question.

He’s traded his power ball for a hammer, but that alone won’t do the job, each time you whack a unicorn, it just stumbles back slightly. Each floor has sections that will collapse if struck with the hammer. Squish a unicorn with the falling floor section, and it’s gone for good (well, until the next level). Of course, if you miss, there is a hole in the floor that you can try and lure the unicorns into, and they’ll be stuck for a few seconds, flailing around in the hole until they repair the floor. This gives you time to dodge, avoid and then squish them. Once you squish all the unicorns you get to go on to the next level where the unicorns come back, faster and more aggressive.

This was actually the first Mr. Do game that I’ve ever played, and the only one that I’ve ever managed to find in an actual arcade. I still find it to be the most fun game in the series. It’s got a catchy tune and some oddly compelling gameplay. Totally worth the quarter.

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