Crystal Castles

Bentley Bear has a problem. He has an unhealthy need for gems. Gems that just happen to be scattered around castles. Castles made from crystal, crystal castle, if you will.

Of course, Mr. Bear can’t just go picking up gems willy-nilly, that would be seriously boring and not much of a challenge. So throughout the castles are crystal ball enemies that eat gems, ambulatory trees that eat gems, and Gem Eaters that… eat gems. There are reportedly other enemies as you progress through the levels, like swarms of bees, skeletons, ghosts, and Berthilda the Witch. The bees, well they like the honey that shows up on some of the levels. The witch? She likes making you lose lives. But as long as you have the Magic Hat, you’re invincible and therefore OK.

I’ve heard rumors that this game actually has an ending, but I never could get that far. The furthest that I ever got was wherever the warp in the first stage took you, and I only discovered that by complete accident.

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