Enemy Territory Quake Wars

I liked other games in the Quake series, even though I wasn’t very good at them. So when I found a game in the series that I hadn’t really heard all that much about on clearance at my local department store I snapped it up.

Turns out, though, that this game is a little different than the other games that I’d played. This one is a team-based shooting game. Basically, you take one of the sides from the games, the humans or the Stroggs, and compete in various maps to complete a series of objectives.

I played this game for a couple of hours, but I just don’t get in to this kind of game for three reasons: my aim’s not that good, I don’t want to play an objective-based game with people I don’t know and, I find that completing objectives makes my FPS overly complicated.

I guess I should pay more attention to the games I buy, even if they are cheaper than $10. But I’m a sucker for good graphics, and occasionally compelling box art. And it’s good to play games that I don’t like once in a while, partially to reinforce that I still don’t like them, but also to possibly play something good that I’d have otherwise passed up.

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