Helicopter Game

The Helicopter Game is one of those silly little Flash games that makes the rounds every so often. This one’s really, really simple, though. You have a helicopter inexorably flying to the right through a cave of sorts. The cave is filled with obstacles, and you have to try to avoid hitting them. The only control you have is to make the heli go up (gravity makes it go down). As you go along you get points, and the goal is to get a high score. See? Simple!

helicopter game

The further you get in the cave, the more it constricts and the faster it throws obstacles at you. You only get one shot to make it, hit anything and it’s game over.

I played this game for roughly twenty minutes and then haven’t really thought about it again until today. So if you have twenty minutes that you don’t need anymore, you could do worse than playing this game.

You could do better, too.

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  1. phillp says:

    this game is ace !!!

  2. urface1111112 says:

    epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic

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