Super Pac-Man

Pac-Man has become quite the icon, and like any good video game icon, he’s been in his share of spinoffs, sequels, and clones. Most of these didn’t deviate too far from the standard formula: guide your favorite Pac-person through a maze, avoid the ghost-shaped monsters, eat everything in the maze, proceed to next maze.

Although Pac-Man’s traditional food is dots, in Super Pac-Man you eat actual foods. The problem is that these foods are behind locked doors. How do you open these doors? Well, there are two ways. The obvious way is to eat the keys scattered throughout the levels, each key opens one or more doors letting you get inside. The other way is to eat one of the two giant ‘Super pellets’ in each level (which are conveniently behind locked doors). Unlike traditional power pellets that turn the monsters blue so you can eat them, the Super pellets turn Pac-Man about double his actual size, allowing him to break down the doors, collide with the monsters without getting hurt, and utilize bursts of super speed.

And that’s it. Eat the foods, clear the levels, and move on to the next stage. Continue in that manner until you manage to run out of lives. Fun times.

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