Wrecking Crew

If you want to talk about one of the most obscure games in the Mario universe, you’d be hard pressed to find a game weirder than Wrecking Crew.

Mario, it has been established, is a plumber, but he has a plethora of talents. He’s a true renaissance man. Among other things, he’s a referee, a tennis player, golfer, scientist, go kart driver, and in this game, a demolitions expert.

Mario dons a hard hat and wields a sledge hammer and must (gasp!) destroy things. He’s got to use his brain to smash the things in a precise order so that he can destroy everything on the screen. It’s an odd thing to mention, I know, but you do have smash the occasional ladder. Smash the wrong ladder at the wrong time and you don’t get to climb it, so you lose.

Of course there’s a foreman running around, inexplicably trying to stop you. And don’t be surprised to find some eggplant-men running around. How’s that for a construction site?

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