I was never, uh… fortunate enough to play Toobin’ in the arcades, I had to wait until it came out on the various compilations of arcade games for the home. Now that I’ve gotten a few rounds of this game under my belt, I still don’t really know what the appeal of this game was supposed to be.

Toobin’ takes the… ’sport’ of lazily floating down a river in an inner tube, and seeks to recreate it in video game form. Now, just that would not make a particularly engaging game, so you have obstacles to avoid, flags to paddle through for points, and soda cans to collect. You can paddle left or right (or both at the same time for straight ahead action!) and use the cans you collect as weapons. If you can make it down to the end of the river without having all of your reserve inner tubes popped, you can continue on to the next, more difficult mission.

My main beef with this game, other than the completely inane concept, was that it was very difficult to control your character. being able to paddle left and right while fighting the currents and water hazards was just an exercise in futility.

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