The Typing of the Dead

A little on the busy side today, please enjoy these impressions of a game that I wrote back in 2002.

If you’ve already played The House of the Dead 2, then you know how the basic story of this game goes. Two agents run around a city, killing millions of zombies who are trying to eat the world. In the original, you were armed with a gun, in this one, you are equipped with a portable Dreamcast and keyboard strapped to your chest.So how do you beat up zombies? Every time a zombie appears on the screen, a little bubble will pop up with what phrase it takes to kill it off. The phrases range from one letter to phrases that are a little odd. Part of the reason that the game is so fun is that it doesn’t take itself very seriously, it knows that deep down it’s just a typing tutor. So it has to do something to keep all you grownups coming back for more (this game is rated mature, after all). One of the most striking changes is in the weapons that the zombies use. Instead of axes, they use spatulas and toy hammers. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Along with ‘Arcade Mode’ the game also features an ‘Original Mode’ which features ‘powerups’ you can get (they slow the zombies down or finish typing the word for you), as well as some drills to help increase your speed and accuracy (‘Defeat 30 zombies as quickly as possible!’, for example.) There are plenty of modes to keep you entertained for a while.

So, if your typing skills are sub-par (like mine) and you want to try to make them better, then you should go find this game. Also, as a side note, the game was developed for the computer, but never released in the United States. If you go here you can download a demo nontheless.

Get it. It’s good.

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