Time Crisis 2

I don’t really know what the story is behind Time Crisis 2. This is partially because I never played the original Time Crisis, but mostly because the game was always turned down so low that the parts that explain what was going on were completely inaudible. But what I do know is that you take control of one of two guys in their quest to rid the world of a militarized evil by running around and shooting everyone that moves… and some things that don’t really move all that much.

The game is a rail shooter, which is a fancy way of saying that you see through your character’s eyes and run along a predefined path, stopping occasionally to shoot lots of bad guys. What’s kind of different about this game is that each person has his own monitor, and his own view of the action. Which might not be very exciting, but it’s actually pretty nice not bumping shoulders with the person you’re playing with.

Unfortunately, I never had enough of whatever arcade’s currency to actually finish this game, or to make it very far at all. So I never got to find out what happened to the protagonists, or why the crisis was a ‘Time’ crisis anyway. I have a feeling that it was just a (not very) clever way of saying that the problem needed to be solved lickety-split. Or the last stage could have been full of clocks.

I could buy either explanation.

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