Taboo: The Sixth Sense

Calling Taboo a game is a bit of a stretch. There aren’t any goals or anything, and it’s hardly interactive.

What it is is a tarot reader simulator of sorts. And does that sound boring?

You betcha!

So you start out by entering some info, name, birthdate, sex and a question. All of which is completely irrelevant. Then you get treated to the cards shuffling against a trippy background to some okay music, and then they’re dealt into positions. After that you get to see them one by one with its description, then you get some (unguaranteed) lottery numbers. And then you get to start over.


I thought this game looked kind of interesting when I saw it in some magazine or other. It’s too bad that I didn’t realize that you could go through a whole game in a few minutes. After I did realize that (i.e. after I played it once) I played through it a few more times just to see all the different cards. Once that hour was over I broke the game out a few more times to show to friends, but it never got much more play time out of me. Then I sold it back to the second hand store I got it from and got something fun.

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