Adventures of Lolo

Lolo is a strange creature. He is a blue sphere with hands, feet, and disproportionately large eyes. His mission? Save princess Lala from the top of a tower consisting of a series of floors that each contain a series of puzzles. His weapons? His wits and the occasional magic shot.

Scattered throughout each room are ‘framers’: heart framers that you must collect (some of them give you magic shots), and emerald framers that you can push but not pull. Also in the room is a collection of enemies, most of which start out asleep. Once you collect all of the heart framers in a room, the sleeping monsters spring to life and attempt to stop you from getting the jewel out of the treasure chest that’s also in the room. Getting this jewel will cause all of the monsters in the room to vanish and the door to open, allowing you to go to the next room, and eventually to the next floor.

Solve all the puzzles, beat the boss at the end, and you will have won the game! The only problem is that the puzzles get very hard very quickly. Oh sure, they start out easy enough, and there’s only 50 levels, but the puzzles get mind-bendingly tough after a few floors.

I wasn’t able to get very far… until I figured out that by swapping the second and fourth letters in the passwords that I could skip several levels, and that’s how I finished The Adventures of Lolo without the help of a guide on the Internet.

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