Balloon Fight

Like a lot of Nintendo’s earlier offerings, Balloon Fight stands out as being endearingly bizarre. You control a guy with balloons strapped to his back who can flap his arms to maneuver around a stage. His goal is to pop the balloons of the other guys with balloons on their backs and knock them into the water or run up and kick them when they’re down (and before they can reinflate their balloons) should they land on a platform.

You also have watch out for other dangers like the fish that will jump out of the water and eat you if you get too close, the sparks that will electrocute you, and the flippers that will send you sailing in a direction you most likely did not want to go.

The game doesn’t have an end, you just pop balloons and chuck the other weird guys into the water below until you get tired of it, give up, run out of lives, or all three. I can usually last for about 2 or 3 levels before I get tired of it, run out of lives, and give up. Usually all at the same time.

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