Micro Machines

If you’re a child (or an adult) of the 80s, then chances are good that you remember Micro Machines: little toy cars pitched by the world’s fastest talker. And like just about any toy popular in the 1980s, someone decided to make a video game about it.

Since the Micro Machines are tiny cars, it only makes sense that you’d want to make some kind of racing game. Some kind of racing game where the cars are in properly-sized environments. That is: tiny cars, giant courses.

One player mode in this game is pretty good. You take your little car around a series of courses, racing to be first. Finish acceptably and you get to go to the next race. There aren’t really too many courses, but it’s fun for a bit.

Since racing against the computer can eventually get pretty boring (the artificial intelligence isn’t so good), you get a two player mode. Two player mode is a little bit of a let down. The main problem is that there is no split screen, both cars race on the screen, which is not too bad until the trailing player gets so behind that he falls off the screen. When this happens, the race stops, the cars reposition themselves, and the race starts again from that point.

Micro Machines

I only rented this game one time, finished just about all of it, and haven’t had the urge to play it again since if that tells you anything about it.

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